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Squares contemporary wall decals

Squares contemporary wall decals
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Squares contemporary wall decals

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Details about Squares contemporary wall decals

Squares contemporary wall decals come in pack of 52 pieces:
  • The 47"x45" pack, includes 52 squares from 3"x3" to 13"x13"
  • The 33"x32" pack, includes 52 squares from 2"x2" to 9"x9"
  • The 22"x21" pack, includes 52 squares from 1"x1" to 6"x6"
This set has rounded squares in random sizes. These abstract cubes decals will look good on any surface.  You can use these square wall decals as an accent decor or cover the entire wall. Use your imagination and make your own rounded cube  artwork wall!
Our contemporary wall decals are 100% removable and won't damage your wall.  It will also not leave any residues once removed. They are manufactured with premium vinyl that is non-toxic. Instructions and application squeegee tool are included. Made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-PAC003

Customer Reviews...

     Great product!

     I had been thinking about painting a mural on my little girl's wall. Why would I bother when these decals are so easy and look so amazing. And they were delivered super fast! Awesome!
Katrina Ablett

     I was looking at it, and it looks wonderful!I cannot wait to get it. You guys make beautiful decals. I will definitely reccommend you to my friends.

     worked great!
megan cove

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