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Squares modern wall decals

Squares modern wall decals
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Squares modern wall decals

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Details about Squares modern wall decals

Squares modern wall decals come in pack of 6. These stack of beatiful rounded squares and rectangles will look best on any blank wall. The squares can be used as is or you can separate each decal with a pair of scissors and decorate them however you want.
  • The 80"x75" pack, includes 6 squares 34"x17", 45"x17", 47"x31", 32"x31", 27"x24", and 52"x24"
  • The 64"x60" pack, includes 6 squares 30"x14", 36"x14", 38"x24", 25"x24", 21"x19", and 41"x19"
  • The 47"x44" pack, includes 6 squares 21"x11", 28"x11", 29"x19", 19"x19", 17"x15", and 32"x15"
  • The 35"x33" pack, includes 6 squares 15"x8", 20"x8", 21"x14", 14"x14",12"x11", and 23"x11"
  • The 24"x22" pack, includes 6 squares 10"x5", 14"x5", 14"x9", 9"x9", 8"x7", and 15"x7"
These modern wall decals are amazing decoration for any type of room. They are removable but not reusable. You can check out our other cool decals that will compliment this design in the pack decals section. Call us for any custom wall decal you have in mind and we will be happy to assist you.

SKU#: Z-ABS012

Customer Reviews

     Your product is great, these decals look fabulous on my living room wall. Great customer service to help guide me on sizing.
Many thanks!

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