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Stars car decals

Stars car decals
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Stars car decals

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Details about Stars car decals

Stars car decals come in pack of 79:

  • The 47"x25" pack includes 79 stars from 1" up to 4". 
  • The 32"x17" pack includes 79 stars from 0.7" up to 3".
  • The 24"x12" pack includes 79 stars from 0.5" up to 2".

Car decals are:

  • Made of premium vinyl material
  • Appropriate for indoor/outdoor and long term use
  • can be installed on vehicule windows or any part of the car body (roof top, hood, doors..).

If you need specific dimensions, please contact us directly at  1-877-693-3944. We will be glad to help you.

Note: we recommend to hire a professional to install large decals on the car’s side or if you don’t feel confortable doing the installation yourself.
If you decide to install yourself the car decal, be aware that the decal will immediately adhere onto the surface.

Restrictions: Please check with your local DMV to know where you can install your decal. The decal should NOT obstruct the driver’s view. Please follow the DMV restrictions.
Please note that Dezign With a Z can not be held responsible for any unsafe use or use not compliant with the DMV regulation.

Stars car decals

Add a lovely touch to your car with Stars car decals. If you want to be cool on the road, this car decal will be perfect for you. This product is available in 24 different colors.

SKU#: Z-CAR022

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     I would like to thank you so much for resolving my issue. Ria handled my account like a real professional which made my clients extremely happy with your service and we are very excited to working with you in the near future.
From a very happy customer :)

     I also meant to add a comment with my order just to say that, the young lady that I spoke with on the phone earlier doing the day was so very helpful and extremely plesant. That was refreshing. Thank you.

     It was the perfect piece of decor that made the focal point of the space. Very easy to install and overall a beautiful design for this chic room.

     I am so pleased with my purchase. The wall decal is very well made, the picture is beautiful and it went up very easy. Thank you.

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