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Swirly Swirls wall decal

Swirly Swirls wall decal
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Swirly Swirls wall decal

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Details about Swirly Swirls wall decal

Swirly Swirls wall decal comes in pack of 16:
  • The 54"x47" pack includes swirls of diameter 15", 12", 9", and 8"
  • The 47"x40" pack includes swirls of diameter 13", 11", 8", and 7"
  • The 33"x29" pack includes swirls of diameter 9", 7", 5" and 4"
  • The 22"x20" pack includes swirls of diameter 6", 5", 4", and 3"
For those with creative mind, this Swirly Swirls wall decals are fun decorative vinyl for you! You can use your imagination and place the spirals wall decal in any way you like! This whirl pack is available in 24 colors and 4 sizes. You can separate each decal swirl by using a pair of scissors. Feel free to contact us directly if you need different size or color. Manufactured with removable vinyl, this modern wall decal set is non-toxic and completely removable. Check out our other pack decals that would look good with this set.
Made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-ABS013

Customer Reviews...

     My daughter and I loved the Dezign that we got for her room! Can't wait to order something else!

     Bought a decal for my grandson's room at my house. Easy to apply and looks great. I was impressed with the quality of the product.
Joyce N.

     Nice guys! Very professional and just a pleasure. You have a new customer.

Thanks so much.
Kier - Allegra Events

     I love this place! Great products !!!

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