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Take Out Chinese Boxes Dry-Erase Decal

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Take Out Chinese Boxes Dry-Erase Decal

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Details about Take Out Chinese Boxes Dry-Erase Decal

Take Out Fridge Decals Skins are a new and unusual way to make a statement on your fridge, and transform a boring piece of equipment into a fun yet useful decorative element of your kitchen.
You can cover just your fridge doors or  wrap the entire fridge itself! 
Easy to install Fridge Skins decals are durable and 100% removable

dry erase fridge decal All of our Fridge Decal Skins come with a protective lamination to avoid scratches and water stains.
This protective film is also dry-erase, so you are able to write on it with standard dry erase markers – just like you would on a whiteboard! Now you can write your grocery list directly on your fridge doors or on the side of your fridge, or leave reminders for your family members

Take Out Chinese Boxes dry erase decal skins for fridges can aslo be installed on any other piece of furniture (such as table, a sideboard, bedside tables...) or any smooth surface or slightly textured one (such as walls, doors, windows, dividers...)


SKU#: Z-WTB0190

Customer Reviews...

     I want to thank you for your product, I put it up in a glass wall in my shower and it looks beautiful. I didnt know what to put there and then I saw your designs and I was blown away, I ordered it and Im happy I did. Thank you
Haydee A.

     My daughter and I loved the Dezign that we got for her room! Can't wait to order something else!

     I was more than pleased with the decals you made for us. I had never worked with this before and your staff was very helpful. I also ordered my project later than planned and you were attentive to my needs and got it to me in plenty of time. The decals were meant to stay on our windows for this Year of Mercy, but we are hoping to keep them up permanently. Thank you for your help and your efficient, quality service.
Sr. Catherine Fedewa

     Product met my every expectation....

I would order from this vendor again......
Paul A. Mandell

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