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Vinyl TurnTable Clock wall decal

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Vinyl TurnTable Clock wall decal

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Details about Vinyl TurnTable Clock wall decal

  • The Size 1 Clock wall decal  includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 8.5"
  • The Size 2 Clock wall decal includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 8.5"
  • The Size 3 Clock wall decal includes a clock mechanism which longest arm is 18"

Clock wall decal is the new way to get the time in your home or office:

1. install the Clock wall decal on your wall

2. stick the clock mechanism right in the middle!

Our products are delivered with their mechanism (included) and AA battery.

Hip and cool TurnTable Clock wall decal

Change completely the atmosphere of your room in only few minutes! If your dream was to be a DJ, you will love this turntable Clock wall decal. Clock wall decal is a great inexpensive way to decorate your home or office.


Decal color shown in the picture: Burgundy

SKU#: Z-CLK009

Customer Reviews...

     I've used Dezign now several times, and have had an overall great experience.

I found them while doing a web search and realized that they were in the local area, so I chose them. They have assisted me with designing several decals and have delivered on all points. I've now used them for wall and window decals and both have worked well.

The first decal I purchased was a very large one of an detailed design. Needless to say I completely butchered the application and it looked terrible. I went in to the store and had a good lesson from Paula who gave me some great tips on working with large delicate decals. They also gave me a new decal to replace the messed up one.

Using Paula's expert tips, I was able to apply the decal perfectly and it now receives many compliments in our business. I'd highly suggest using Dezign and make sure to ask any questions you may have as they are very helpful, friendly people.
Darren Story

     They were just what I ordered. Very easy to place on wall and what a dramatic result. Made the entire room more lively. Very pleased will definitely order again

     its great i will be buying more
mike g.

     Really good quality wall decal product! Looks great. Strong and stays on. Easy to hang but best with 2 people if bigger in size

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