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Stick on wall decals

Dezign with a Z and handcrafted stick-on wall decals

Dezign With a Z is a cutting edge designer of handcrafted, stick on wall decals. A team of young, talented artists offer a whole range of decorative stick on wall decals that adhere to any smooth or lightly textured surface with long lasting quality.

The stick on wall decals by Dezign With a Z are developed with the best materials giving the impression of a picture painted directly onto your walls. There are several themes to choose from: abstract, floral, voyage and more... What's more they are totally safe to use in kids' rooms and are resistant to humidity, so work perfectly well in a bathroom too. Feel free to view examples of our designs at our photo gallery for ideas!

Once you have chosen your model, its size, color and orientation, you can install your stick on wall decal easily - and when you fancy a change you can simply peel it off with no damage or residue left behind on your wall.

We provide easy-to-follow instructions with all our wall decal orders and also invite you to watch our instructions video.

We also specialize in customised stick-on wall decals. We can turn your creative idea into high-quality wall art, simply tell us about your idea and we will develop it for you. Dezign With a Z custom decals  can make your wall graphics to any dimension, size and color.

Custom Wall DecalsCustom Wall Decals

Here at Dezign With a Z, we can customize almost any wall decal for you. From your Art Work file or from a simple jpeg picture, we can make your vision a reality on your wall...

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