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Whiteboards Bubble Thoughts dry erase sticker

Whiteboards Bubble Thoughts dry erase sticker
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Whiteboards Bubble Thoughts dry erase stickerWhiteboards Bubble Thoughts dry erase sticker

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Details about Whiteboards Bubble Thoughts dry erase sticker

  • The 106"x74" pack includes 3 bubbles of 49"x47" each
  • The  60"x47" pack includes 3 bubbles of  30"x23" each
  • The  47"x37" pack includes 3 bubbles of  22"x21" each
  • The  33"x26" pack includes 3 bubbles of  15"x14" each
  • The  22"x17" pack includes 3 bubbles of    10"x9"  each

This product is made of dry erase stickers material and a color vinyl border... simply choose the color you like the best!  Use this great whiteboards sticker to leave thoughtful notes to your relatives, friends, roomates or co-workers.  Decorate your interior in a beautiful, practical and useful way.

Note: whiteboard stickers only come in the color White.

Write all your thoughts on the wall

Kids and adults will love this funny product. Indeed you can write anything you like on your wall.

SKU#: Z-WTB006

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     Love my clock decal. All my guests think it looks awesome. Good company to do business with.

     Totally satisfied/delighted with this purchase for my great niece due in June. Unique and so personal, she will always know where it came from. I am sure I will be purchasing again as the family grows.
Carol A.

     To: Ria Vedar
Ria, it's been so long since we contacted each other -- late May -- that you may have forgotten my order - the door size black and white lady peeking out from behind the curtain. When the original shipment was not the right size and was severely folded and bent upon receipt, we contacted you, and you graciously recreated the decal and quickly shipped it to us.

Due to time constraints and other commitments, we were not able to apply the decal to our door until just today. Cannot thank you enough for the decal - she is gorgeous!!!! We had some difficulty with applying her to the door, mostly due to the large size of the decal and our lack of experience, but we were finally victorious!
Your kindness and considerations in forwarding the replacement decal were extremely appreciated - Dezign with a Z is top-notch in customer service and product manufacture -- You certainly restored our faith in your organization!

She is just beautiful and a perfect addition to the ambiance we are trying to achieve. I definitely plan on further decal orders in the future with "Z" and look forward to working with you again!

Once again, sorry I was remiss in not acknowledging how happy we are with the product sooner, but we're a bit on the slow side of life!!!
Kathy N.

     wow many thanks!
I am just waiting to paint a few more rooms of my house to get a couple more wall decals.
Your service was excellent and shipping was super fast to Australia!!

Best wishes

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