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Winkle Flowers wall decals

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Winkle Flowers wall decals

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Details about Winkle Flowers wall decals

Winkle flowers wall decals come in pack of 20:
  • The 57"x47" pack includes flower dots of diameter 15", 11", 8", 5" and 4"
  • The 47"x44" pack includes flower dots of diameter 13", 10", 6.5", 4.5" and 3.5"
  • The 33"x31" pack includes flower dots of diameter 10", 7", 4.5", 3" and 2"
  • The 22"x21" pack includes flower dots of diameter 6", 4.5", 3", 2" and 1.5"
These delicate winkle flowers wall decals will look like blown dandelion flowers when installed on your walls. The adorable floral wall decals are great option to decorate nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even commercial spaces. All dot flowers will come in one sheet and can be easily separated with scissors in order to be applied individually. You can play with these floral wall decals by arranging and sticking them however you wish. Create a dreamy field of our cute version of dandelions! Have fun!
Keep in mind that all products in our floral wall decals collection are fully removable and will not damage your surface once taken down. Winkle flowers wall decals are made in the USA with premium vinyl. Our instructions are available for download. Call us if you need assistance sticking our floral wall decals.

SKU#: Z-PAC084

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