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World Map wall mirror

World Map wall mirror
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World Map wall mirrorWorld Map wall mirror

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Details about World Map wall mirror

NEW! Acrylic wall mirrors are now available in classic Silver (regular mirror) or in Gold mirrored finish for a fancier look!
Both finishes reflection is comparable to a standard glass mirror.
What can be cooler than to add a world map wall mirror to your office or home space?
This creative piece displays all continents in a laser cut reflective acrylic mirror.
This acrylic wall mirror is 1/8in thick and made with premium acrylic resin.
The reflection is comparable to a standard glass wall mirror - clear and un-foggy.
This item ships in a large art box as it can't be rolled or folded.
The package includes a heavy duty double sided tape packet as well as instructions.
Made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-MIR00120

Customer Reviews...

     The graphics were very easy to install! I really liked that the squeegee was included with the order so you really have everything you need as soon as you open up your box.

     I love it and have shown the design to quite a few friends.
I managed to install it on my wall (alone) by marking where the pieces go with chalk and cutting away the excess. I could not do it otherwise.
It looks GREAT !
Joan Chadsey

     Great Customer service and quick delivery time. Excellent quality wall decals. The tops were a little tricky to get placed because of the detail, however The product certainly enhanced what was a very boring, mundane meeting room with a splash of color and detail that was otherwise lacking. Very pleased with the whole service, price, product. Thanks to all.
Lo Leath

     I ordered a wall mirror for my travel trailer and I love it. Its beautiful and perfect thankyou.

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