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Zebra Prints wall decals

Zebra Prints wall decals
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Zebra Prints wall decals

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Details about Zebra Prints wall decals

Zebra prints wall decals come in 3 sections:
  • The 100"x47" set has 3 sections of 100"x13 " (that's over 25 feet long put together!)
  • The 70"x33" set has 3 sections of 70"x9" (that's over 17 feet long put together!)
  • The 47"x22" set has 3 sections of 47"x6" (that's almost 12 feet long put together!)
These decorative border animal wall decals will give your room a very safari jungle look. You can apply the stylish zebra prints wall decals any way you want along your walls. You can stick these animal wall decals even on doors, you can go around the room! Just cut the zebra prints wall decals with scissors to fit the right size of the space you want the border decals.
If you like these border animal wall decals you may also like to check our zebra digital canvas inder the canvas nature section. Also call us for decorative tips and tricks or visit our blogs for ideas on how to use these zebra prints wall decals border. All our animal wall decals are affordable, removable but not reusable. These border strips animal wall decals are definitely made in USA with premium vinyl.

SKU#: Z-PAC042

Customer Reviews

     i really love my zebra print strips decal. you do need to read directions and go slow cause you could lose some of the detail but i did it so I'm sure you could do it.
Collen W.

     Your product was super, my grand daughter loves it. Her room is done in zebra and the Zebra decal made the finishing touch. Thank You.
Patricia S

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