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About chalkboard wall stickers and blackboard decals

We created a new great product for kids and grown-ups of all ages : the chalkboard wall decal.
Chalkboard clings are decorative and useful at the same time, whether it is to teach lessons to your kids, leave a note to your roommates...
These wall stickers are made of thick vinyl material on which you can write on like any blackboard... except that the touch and the look of this material is much better! You can use regular chalk on it. Our chalkboard products are dry erase : you can easily erase your writing with a dry cloth or a wet sponge... either way!
If you have been writing a lot on your chalk board, use a wet sponge to remove the excess chalk. Your decal will look like brand new again.
You can also
use chalk paint on it, but it may be more difficult to remove depending on the chalk paint product you are using. Refer to the manufacturer instructions and contact us directly if you have a doubt.
Chalkboard decals are made of reusable material; however it is not recommended to move them around repeatedly, since the sticking back may catch dust and dirt ,and get less sticky overtime.
View our video below on how to install and use chalkboard decals.
Our chalkboards comes in black only but you will see under the chalkboard section that we have been creative by adding regular vinyl to it...

Chalkboard wall stickers have a stronger glue than regular vinyl decals. If you plan to remove a blackboard decal, make sure to remove it with care, and follow the removal instructions under the Wall Decal Instruction section on our website.
Each order of chalkboard stick-ons come with chalk!

Visit our chalkboard wall decals section on our Dezign With a Z website

chalkboard wall decals


In the same Chalkboard Section we just started a new line of wall products : the Witheboard Stickers.
They are peel and stick wall decals that you can apply on your walls, remove and reposition since they are removeable and reusable
These Whiteboard Decals are made of a dry erase material, hence you can use regular dry-erase pens that you will find in any art store.
You can write on it then erase with a dry cloth or a dry erase sponge. That's it!
This product is great for home or offices, conference rooms, school....

For an example of white board decals check our Classic Whiteboard Decal

whiteboard wall decals

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