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How to purchase and use Gift Cards with Dezign With a Z

Dezign With a Z gift cards is the perfect gift when you don't know what to choose to offer someone, or when you are afraid to make the wrong choice. Let your friends, siblings or beloved ones decide by offering them a Dezign With a Z gift card.
They will receive by Fedex mail an elegant envelope containing a nicely wrapped gift certificate along with several nice mini-decals and instructions on how to use the Gift Certificate.
To offer a Gift Certificate, all you have to do is to go to our Gift Cards section and follow the easy steps below:


1. Choose a Dollar amount for the gift certificate you wish to offer.
You can choose a gift certificate of $30, $50, $100, $200 or $300

The value is in USD.



gift decals for walls

2. Choose a quantity
If you want to offer more than one gift certificate, select how many Gift Certificates you want to be sent.

gift decals for  walls

3. Leave a thoughtful note
In the Gift Note field leave your personal message you want to send to your friend, sibling, beloved one...We will attach this thoughtful note to the gift certificate on an elegant card. Don't forget to leave your name in this field if you want to sign the note. Or it will be anonymous...

gift decal clings

Once it's done you simply have to check out for payment.

In the shipping address put your friend, sibling or beloved one's address indicating where to mail the gift certificate.

You can also send the Gift Certificate to yourself if you plan to offer it directly to the person.

We ship the gift certificate by Fedex, along with the instructions on how to use the Gift Certificate on our website to purchase Dezign With a Z products.

Gift Certificates can be used at any time at to purchase any product available online (Wall decals, Digital Canvas, Wall mirrors, Laptop Skins... no limitations). It can also be used for our Custom Decals services.

The person that has been offered the gift certificate will have to add the products to his/her cart, checkout and enter the Code provided on the Gift Certificates she/he received in the Redeem Coupon field.
This will apply the amount of the Gift Certificate toward the price of the order. If the total price of the order is inferior at the value of the Gift Certificate, the person can use the balance left later and use it toward her/his next purchase. Gift Certificates don't expire.If the total price for the order is higher than the value of the Gift Certificate, the person will pay the price difference at checkout.Gift Certificates can be used directly online or over the phone, if the person wishes to place her order over the phone.
Contact us directly for a phone order using a Gift Certificates.
Make sure you have you Gift Card code handy.

Visit our Gift Certificate section 

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