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What you need to know about glow in the dark wall decals

Our glow in the dark wall stickers also known as phosphorescent wall decals are a high quality vinyl material that shines in the dark.
Glow in the dark vinyl is only available in white since there is no such a thing as colored phosphorescent material. (however we have been creative and some of our glow in dark decals are added to regular vinyl stickers, so you can choose some colors and still have it shine in dark! see in the glow section)
Our glow the dark vinyl as been carefully selected to provide the longest durability: whereas most of phosphorecent stick-ons you will find on the market stop shining after several minutes (usually 10 to 20 minutes), our glow the dark decals will shine all trhough the night, during 8 to 10 hours straight! (that's also why you may find significant price difference online ! heck! good quality is not supposed to be cheap! hihihi!).
Our phosphorescent wall stickers charge with day light or with artificial light (any regular lamp light, or even dark light can be used). So even if you don't get direct daylight in the room you plan to install it in, you will be able to charge your decal (basically don't install it in a cave with no electricity! ^^).

Glow decals are made of reusable material; however it is not recommended to move them around repeatedly, since the sticking back may catch dust and dirt ,and get less sticky overtime.

Glow in the dark decals are great for nurseries and kids room, but some adults may also like it. I have stars on my ceiling and it feels great when i turn off the lights! ^^
Here is a first taste of it :

Glow the dark decal clings shine strongly in the dark but don't worry, it won't bother you while you are sleeping! hihihihi!
Like regular vinyl decal and wall stickers, phosphorescent clings can be stuck on a large range of surfaces (smooth or textured walls, windows, ceilings, floor, doors, vehicles), and inside as well as outside !  
Another thing to know about our glow in the dark stickers is that the adhesive is stronger than regular vinyl decals. So if you remove it, do it with care, and visit the decal instruction section for tips on removal. (see our
How to install wall decals section)

You will find our entire collection in the Glow in Dark decals wall decals section

glow the dark decals

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