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Resin acrylic mirrors for walls

acrylic resin mirrors

Dezign With a Z wall mirrors are made of a resin / acrylic mirror. Our wall mirrors reflect exactly like regular mirror. The only difference is that they are less fragile (which makes it very easy and safe to ship) and way lighter than regular mirrors. Hence:

  • Wall mirrors are easy and safe to ship
  • Wall mirrors are very easy to install, and will hold onto your walls with simple double-sided tape (delivered with the mirror).

Dezign With a Z resin mirrors are 1/8" thick.

Wall mirrors are perfect for home decoration or offices. They are perfectly safe to use in any room or any environment (humid places, such as bathrooms...), and can be used inside or outside.
Note: our wall mirrors are made of solid resin material, and give a perfect mirror reflection. They are not reflective vinyl, like the products you may find on other websites (these reflective vinyl products will give a distorted reflection).

Dezign With a Z acrylic mirrors can be customized and engraved; for instance we can manufacture a custom mirror based on your artwork or ideas. We can even engrave them with the text or design you have in mind! For these custom options contact us directly.

You will find our acrylic resin mirrors under the Acrylic wall Mirrors section . Enjoy!

mirrors for walls

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