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Baroque Damask acrylic wall mirrors

Baroque Damask acrylic wall mirrors
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Baroque Damask acrylic wall mirrorsBaroque Damask acrylic wall mirrors
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Details about Baroque Damask acrylic wall mirrors

NEW! Acrylic wall mirrors are now available in classic Silver (regular mirror) or in Gold mirrored finish for a fancier look!
Both finishes reflection is comparable to a standard glass mirror.

We present Acrylic Mirrors which are very light weight , yet resistant. The Baroque damask resin wall mirror are perfect for inside or outside use. Since it's an extra light type of material, they can be held with standard mirror attachments (nails, mechanism,double face tape, stickons...) They are 1/8" thick. They are different from reflective vinyl material : they are give the exact same reflection as a regular mirror, unlike reflective vinyl material that just gives a very faded reflection.

Elegant acrylic mirror for your room

This baroque wall mirror has a timeless and classic look. It's elegant design will look good for your home ans office. You do not need to be an expert in hanging this mirror. It is light weight and comes with double sided tape.  

SKU#: Z-MIR0065

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed The baroque damask wall mirror looks great. Easy to apply, quick shipping. Very happy with this purchase. Makes a big impact for little effort.
Ami S.

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed I love the mirror. Its absolutely beautiful. I really like that it is very light and it looks awesome on the wall. Its the perfect size too. Ive been looking for a unique mirror and can't be happier that I found this one from dezign with a z. Best of all, the quality can't be beat. I definitely will be buying from you again. Thanks for making quality unique products. :o)
Lisa Marie G.

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed I ORDERED THE BAROQUE SUN THAT IS UNDER WALL MIRRORS. AMAZING IN PERSON. LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE.

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