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Baroque Tapestry vinyl wall decals

Baroque Tapestry vinyl wall decals
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Baroque Tapestry vinyl wall decals

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Details about Baroque Tapestry vinyl wall decals

Our baroque tapestry vinyl wall decals come in pack of 9.
  • The 47"x64" pack, includes 2 shapes 23"x30", 3 shapes 15"x20", and 4 shapes 11"x15"
  • The 35"x47" pack, includes 2 shapes 16"x21", 3 shapes 11"x14", and 4 shapes 8"x10"
  • The 22"x30" pack, includes 2 shapes 11"x14", 3 shapes 7"x9", and 4 shapes 5"x7"
The elegant design displays an array of curves and swirls forming a beautiful damask pattern. The baroque shapes are great alternative to wall papers since you can create a repeated pattern by adding a few sets together. Tapestry vinyl wall decals are great decor to any blank wall.
Please keep in mind that these modern wall decals are fully removable and will not damage your surface nor leave any residues once removed.  If you need a custom decal with different color or size, please contact us directly and we'll be glad to assist you. All our products are made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-PAC048

Customer Reviews

     I was apprehensive about applying the baroque tapestry decals but with the help of the video and working on it slow and easy I was able to able to make my new bedroom beautiful! Fast delivery, quality product.
Maggie S.

     I was nervous at first to put up the baroque cut outs designs. They went up easy and look great!
Barbara H

     just received them and i absolutely love them
Nancy C.

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