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Baseball Stitches Wall Decals

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Baseball Stitches Wall DecalsBaseball Stitches Wall Decals

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Details about Baseball Stitches Wall Decals

The baseball stitches wall decals comes in a set of 4 sections. You can assemble each stitch together or seperately, you can also trim the decal to fit your desired space. When you put all 4 stitches decals together it curves around amd makes a circle. This wall vinyl comes in 5 different sizes.

  • The 15"x12" pack includes 4 curve baseball stitches of 15"x0.9" each
  • The 22"x16" pack includes 4 curve baseball stitches of 22"x1.5" each
  • The 33"x24" pack includes 4 curve baseball stitches of 33"x2.5" each
  • The 47"x34" pack includes 4 curve baseball stitches of 47"x3.5" each
  • The 66"x47" pack includes 4 curve baseball stitches of 66"x4.5" each
  • The 92"x48" pack includes 4 curve baseball stitches of 92"x6" each

Playful baseball stitches decals for your space

These cool sporty baseball stitch decals will look awesome in your room.  Decorate your boy's room or the family room with this clever design. You can easily stick them onto your doors, walls, ceilings, mirrors and windows too! Create a sporty atmosphere and pair this baseball wall vinyl with our other sports decals like the baseball wall decal and the baseball vinyl wall borders. With this themed decor it will definitely be a homerun!

The size featured on the picture is the 47”x34” pack. However, if you wish to have the stitches from ceiling to floor, you should select the 66”x47” pack. If you are not sure of the sizing, feel free to call us so we can customize your baseball stiches decal and fit your wall space!


Customer Reviews

     Love the baseball stitches on the nursery. They look like they are painted on. Installation was quick and easy! We're getting a lot of compliments on them.

     I bought the baseball stitches for my daughters room and just love the look. These decals are very well made and are of the best vinyl I've seen. Great product!!
Joe R.

     Great product; however, I was a little disappointed that when I put the "baseball stitches" on the wall, the laces went in the same direction. Other than that, I am very pleased with the product and would use it again:)

     I got the baseball stitching decal for my son's bedroom. It looks great, but it is a very good thing I hired a professional painter to put it up. There is no way a regular person could follow those directions and put up a decal with such tiny pieces with success.

     We purchased the baseball stitches decals for our baby boy's nursery. We love the way it turned out and it was fairly easy to put up on the wall. We have received many positive compliments about the decal already.

     I had recently ordered the Baseball Stitch Decal for my sons room. They were a little difficult to put on, and what I mean by difficult is by trying not to tear the decal as we were trasfering it from the paper to wall. After everyhting was all done, We are more than satisfied with the results!!!!
Amanda S.

     Absolutely love the baseball stitching decals. It is perfect for my son's baseball themed room. It was relatively easy to put up. My son was do excited when he saw it.
J. Hughes

     Hi there, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my order! Not only did you ship it to me within a week, but it's all up on the walls and the baseball decals looks amazing! What a fantastic product - wish I'd found you sooner! Thanks so much! Sincerely,
Tracy W

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