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Bicolor Light Bulb pack decal

Bicolor Light Bulb pack decal
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Bicolor Light Bulb pack decalBicolor Light Bulb pack decal
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Details about Bicolor Light Bulb pack decal

The Bicolor Light Bulb pack decal has 20 light bulbs.  It is available in four sizes.

  • the 47"x60" pack has four pieces of 9"x17", 7.5"x14", 6"x11", 4.5"x8" and 3"x5.5"
  • the 36"x47 pack has four pieces of 7"x13", 6"x11", 5"x9", 3.5"x6.5" and 2"x4"
  • the 26"x33" pack has four pieces of 5"x9", 4"x7", 3.5"x6.5", 3"x5" and 1.5"x3"
  • the 17"x22" pack has four pieces of 3"x6", 2.5"x5", 6"x11",1.5"x3" and 1"x2"

A brilliant idea! This set of 20 decals in the shape of light bulbs is colorful and fun.
Choose two colors for this set. You will receive 10 lamps of each.
This wall decal pack is ideal for creative environments for both homes and offices.
All of our decals are manufactured in the US with premium removable vinyl.
They are fully removable and will not damage your surface or leave any residues once removed.
If you have textured surfaces, concrete or plaster walls, please contact us directly to request this item with a stronger adhesive material.

SKU#: Z-BIC048

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