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Mum Flowers wall decals

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Mum Flowers wall decalsMum Flowers wall decals
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Details about Mum Flowers wall decals

The bicolor mum flowers wall decals come in a pack of 20. These flower inspired wall decal pack is available in 5 sizes and 24 different colors.
  • The 80"x102" pack has mum blossoms in 8x 22", 8x18" and 4x14"
  • The 60"x76" pack has mum blossoms in 8x16", 8x13" and 4x11"
  • The 47"x60" pack has mum blossoms in 8x13", 8x11" and 4x9"
  • The 33"x42" pack has mum blossoms in 8x9", 8x 7" and 4x6"
  • The 22"x28" pack has mum blossoms in 8x6", 8x5" and 4x4"
Customize these floral wall decals by choosing two colors of chrysanthemum flowers. To add up to 4 colors to this pack simply give us a call and request the color split option which is available for any of our pack wall decals. Bi-color mum flower wall decals are beautiful and stylish mum flowers pack that will go well with any interior. The adorable floral wall decals features 20 different self-adhesive premium vinyl with different sizes. Transform your room to a timeless place by sticking our affordable cute mum flowers wall decals on your walls.
Just cut each piece separately and decorate them any way or anywhere you want. Check our other nature flowers and packs available under packs wall decal section. These mum flowers wall decals will stick on many type of surface whether it is paint, wall paper, textured wall, plastic, metal, textile and glass. You don't need to be a professional to install any of our flower wall decals. All our mum flowers wall decals will not damage your walls since they are fully removable. Made in USA.

SKU#: Z-PAC080

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed Beautiful mum flowers decals. Will be looking for more items.
Ronda G.

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed I love the colors of these mum flowers wall decals and the way they look on my walls!

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