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Birch Groves wall decals

Birch Groves wall decals
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Birch Groves wall decals

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Details about Birch Groves wall decals

Birch Groves come in pack of 5 trunks

  • The 22"x22"pack includes 5 trunks 2.7"x22"
  • The 33"x33"pack includes 5 trunks 4"x32.5"
  • The 47"x47"pack includes 5 trunks 5.8"x47"
  • The 70"x70"pack includes 5 trunks 8.7"x70"
  • The 90"x90"pack includes 5 trunks 11.2"x90"

Just keep in mind that the size 4 (70"x70") comes in 2pieces and the size 5 (90"x90") comes in 2 pieces. It's very easy to assemble.
If you like nature, this birch decal will be perfect for your interior.

A peaceful and relaxing wall decal for your home

It's easy to decorate your house when it is affordable. No glue, no residue! Birch stickers are removable.

SKU#: Z-FLO063

Customer Reviews

     Hi, I love the birch groves tree decals. I changed 2 of the trees a little since they were copies. I also put one tree on a slight angle since many birch trees don't grow straight up. I found you really have to take your time pulling the top piece off while holding the middle piece in place on the wall. The end result looks great.

     I was intrigued by the birch groves wall decal trunk design and wanted it in a taller size than was piblished. When this was mentioned to your personnel they immediately figured out a way that exactly what I needed could be made at a cost that was reasonable. Would you was shipped and on it's way in a matter of a few days! Exceptional service and a great product. My walls are a rich coffee with a small amt. of cream and the white trees make quite a floor to ceiling statement.

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