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Birds On Wire wall decals

Birds On Wire wall decals
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Birds On Wire wall decalsBirds On Wire wall decals
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Details about Birds On Wire wall decals

The birds on wire wall decals are available in six sizes. It is a bicolor modern animal wall decals which means you can choose the color of the electric wire and different color for the cute little birds. Birds on wire wall decals are extraordinary urban wall decor.  Its a great fun animal wall decals to decorate your living room, bedroom or any interior that needs a modern touch. Our birds on wire wall decals is composed of a wire electrical post with a set of birds to play around. Stick the 24 birds wall decals whereever you like!
It is a simple and affordable animal wall decals that will change any room to an inviting space. All our animal wall decals are manufactured with 100% removable vinyl and it won't damage your paint or leave residues once removed. Made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-BIC050

Customer Reviews

heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed heart reviewed I combined two decal sets, a tree and birds on a wire, to create a unique look for my laundry. With a friend helping, we were able to put up both in about half an hour! Great fun and a great look. The product went up easily and looks great!

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