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Birds wall decals

Birds wall decals
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Birds wall decals

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Details about Birds wall decals

Birds wall decals are composed of four birds, two clothes pin and some line wires. To give you an idea, each bird on the wire measures approximately 3"x5". These animal wall decals are definitely suitable for a doors and walls. Birds wall decals come with extra line wire you can use to extend the decal (total 11 feet of extra wire!). You can use all of the elements on this birds wall decals or simply use several to complete your wall art. If you have a large wall, you may want the wire to go side to side till it reaches both sides of the wall.
You have options of 24 colors with these animal wall decals. If you wish to customize these animal wall decals, you can contact us and we will be glad to assist you. Also call us for decorative tips and tricks or visit our blogs for ideas. All our animal wall decals are affordable, removable but not reusable. Download instructions on our website for more tips. Made in USA.

SKU#: Z-ANI019

Customer Reviews

     Love the birds decal, Im sure youll see me again!

     Dezign with a Z was really easy to work with and they did an absolutely amazing job creating the birds wall decal. It is unique and makes me smile every time I enter my living room.
Jennifer D.

     I loved the bird decals; they were the best decals I've ever purchased. That aside, I question your use of FedEx ground for your delivery service. The decals took a long time to reach Wisconsin at which point the parcel switched to the Post Office for final delivery anyway. Simple priority mail through the USPS would have been equal in cost, to if not less than, FedEx and would have been at my door within three days.

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