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Bluxome Ghirardelli Wine Bar

by Paula on Monday 21 December, 2015

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One of San Franciscans’ favorite activities is to sip some wine at one of many wine bars in the city. If the wine sipped happens to be local, great! If the spot happens to be on Ghirardelli square, one of the city’s landmarks, even better!

Bluxome wine bar at Ghirardelli Square

We are no wine connoisseurs at Dezign With a Z, but Bluxome winery is known to source the best grapes from both Napa and Sonoma counties and turn them into beautiful wines right here in the Soma district of San Francisco.

What we do know is design, and knowing we were a part of such a fabulous project made us excited and got our creative juices flowing! We worked closely with Jen Shockley and Stacey Yawata from Jumping Fences Design in conceiving, editing and printing all the signage and wall graphics for the space.

The venue is beautiful, the Woolen Mills Building built in 1862, and everything is still original from the time when the building was the home of Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory: exposed brick, wood columns, hardwood floors and large bay windows letting lots of light in. 

gold brushed window decals

There is a secluded patio with cute table and chairs that overlook the Bay. So patrons get to enjoy a glass of Rose or Chardonnay on a warm day and the breathtaking view at the same time. The ambiance is casual but upscale at the same time – very California Chic.

We chose to do gold brushed window decals with their logo, name and types of wines served to entice customers to come inside and explore. Everything was laminated with an UV film so the decals are protected against sunlight, wind, rain and the occasional wine spill that might happen.

custom canvas sepia print

Indoors we did a few oversize canvas prints using custom images of their choice. The finish used was sepia, so the colors coordinate really well with the furniture and inside lighting. The canvas wrap was done gallery style, where the stretcher bars are enclosed by the print and not seen on the sides; this creates a 3D effect that makes the canvas stand out even more from the wall.

custom photo canvas

We love the peek-a-boo effect of some of the canvas prints, which just jump at you in unexpected places. Like this cute flock of sheep seen at the end these two long wood tables. The spot lights placed right above it make it look almost like a museum exhibition, the star of the show

Bluxome wine bar at Ghirardelli Square

We couldn’t be happier with the results, the space looks amazing! The long standing shared tables and the secluded nooks allow you to have as much company or as much privacy as you wish while enjoying your wine. We’ve received so much positive feedback from clients and friends visiting the area that also fell in love with Bluxome.

If you are ever in San Francisco, please be sure to pay them a visit. And don’t forget to take a bottle of that Chardonnay home!

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