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Branding doesn t have to be boring (Part I)

by Paula on Friday 19 February, 2016

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Yes, we know, your company image matters – a lot. The way your clients, staff and even competitors perceive your business is extremely important. And branding plays a key role in how others perceive your company.

Now, one secret: branding doesn’t have to be boring! Polished? Yes. Professional? Absolutely! But boring? No, definitely not! There are many elements that can be used to add some voltage to your branding – colors, textures, patterns, typography, layout and the list goes on.

Displaying your brand on your space doesn’t have to be boring either. You can get creative with how you showcase your logo and other visual elements.  With technology and bit of planning, hardly anything is impossible nowadays.

Obviously budget matters and the more complex the piece, the more expensive it tends to be. But fear not! There are budget friendly solutions such as custom logo wall decals. Made with self-adhesive vinyl, these wall decals help add branding elements to your space – you can feature your logo on the wall behind the reception desk or on an entry door. They are also quick and easy to install, which makes them even more inexpensive since professional installation is optional in many projects.

Another way to use custom logo wall decals on your space is to build a step and repeat pattern. The logo can be repeated several times into one print using one or multiple colors, or even using different logo variations. By doing so, you create a powerful branding piece that doubles as a photo op background that you can use to take photos with staff and clients for marketing and social media channels.

step and repeat custom logo wall decal

For instance, this step and repeat pattern we’ve created for GE. We’ve used their Current logo repeatedly to create a background and had a bigger logo centrally placed along with their tagline, the orange background completes this bright and bold branding piece – a great example of how to use a custom logo wall decal effectively and creatively.

welcome custom wall decal

Another great example of how to effectively use custom wall decals to create exciting and polished branding is this word cloud decal done for Beckers Group. Since they are a multinational company, they wanted to make sure every guest felt welcome in their own language – so we gathered the word welcome in a variety of languages (Spanish, German, French, English…) and played with different colors and stroke thicknesses to create this cool custom wall decal – they couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Narvar custom logo wall decal

The last example (at least for now) we wanted to share is this custom logo wall decal we’ve done for Narvar. Simple and professional, this branding piece now lives by their office entrance so each person entering their space sees the logo and the space looks finished.

Obviously there are other solutions in different price points that don’t involve a custom logo wall decal and we offer those too. Metal, acrylic, reclaimed wood, LED lights – all of these are materials we can use to build beautiful and un-boring branding pieces. But that will have to wait for part II.

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