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Branding doesn t have to be boring (Part II)

by Paula on Friday 18 March, 2016

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When is bold too bold? In our opinion, never! If you have a cool logo, great company colors and space to show it off we say go for it! Creating a strong impression where your brand is noticed right of the bat is what most companies want.

Now that doesn’t mean your space shouldn’t obey a few rules in order to look polished. Bold doesn’t mean cluttered with every single color of the rainbow co-existing in the same room. Spaces (both commercial and residential) need to be seen as a whole – elements need to work together and in light of what that room is purposed for.

Pubmatic custom logo wall decal
Photo credit: F2 design

For instance, having every single square inch of a conference room filled with ornaments and wall art is probably counter-productive since the goal of a conference room is to allow your staff to concentrate on the matter at hand.  But a conference room doesn’t have to look drab either!

Adding custom logo wall decals on strategic areas is actually a great way to complete the room. Another idea is to add custom lettering wall decals with your corporate core values or mission statement to remind everyone what really matters to the organization.

LED custom logo sign

Why not create your own custom logo signs? These are a great way to display your brand inside or outside so visitors and new staff members know they are at the right place. Metal, PVC, Acrylic, or reclaimed wood are great materials to build solid and lasting signs that you can enjoy for a long time. Add LED lights to your custom logo sign for that wow factor!

Custom lettering wall mirror

Details matter!  Adding a custom lettering wall mirror with your company’s name, inspirational word or text to a cute corner can add visual interest to small and large spaces alike - re-enforcing your brand, once again, in an un-boring way.

The bottom line is that your space is really important and deserves attention.  Plain white walls everywhere will not help you showcase how great your company is, but a little effort goes a long way in impressing clients and making your staff feel good about where they work at.

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