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A Crown Affair wall decals, decor by Juliana

by Flo on Tuesday 11 May, 2010

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royal vinyl decals

"I just bought HUGE crown stickers to my bedroom. These wall decals have added such a royal touch to our room… highly recommend them to also crown your dreams!
Our life has been so joyful since when we were crowned king and queen by …
you can’t see in the picture, but my king and I are now riding together in a convertible as part of a parade with a marching band :-) thanks "

- Juliana


Now on top of her great sense of humor Juliana and her King have a great bedroom decorated with a Crown Affair wall decals from the Object section.
Vinyl decals are a great affordable way to decorate your walls in any room... even if you are not directly from the Royal family!

royal vinyl decals


Tags: adhesive wall decals for royal bedrooms crown stickers

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