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Custom wall and door graphics for office

by Paula on Monday 02 October, 2017

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Custom wall decal with company values

Although we are a sign shop in San Francisco, CA, we provide professional installation nationwide and ship our products worldwide. So despite the fact that our client Na Ali’i is in Arlington, VA, we were able to design, manufacture and install the custom wall decal and personalized frosted door decal for their office.

This is our second time working with them since they occupy several floors at a large corporate building. We’ve produced a very large custom wall decal displaying their company’s core values as well as a cool tribal “wall tattoo”. Through our network of certified local sign and graphics installers, we had the custom wall decal up in no time! 

Personalized frosted glass decal for door

For their entrance door, we made a frosted logo glass decal. The design is a standard strip created by the frosted film on the double doors with their logo symbol and text cut out showing the surface of the glass.

We love working with privacy frosted window films and decals, they are a great way to eliminate the “fish bowl” feeling from a conference room, to decorate glass doors and windows on a lobby or entryway as well as to add branding that is subtle and polished.

The other great thing about frosted films is that they are removable. So different than sandblasting and etching treatments on glass, they can be removed as the client wishes! Regardless if they are moving away or moving on, there is no need to replace any glass panels – simply peel off the frosted film to remove it from the surface.

The feedback from Na Ali’i was overwhelmingly positive. Their entire staff is enjoying the custom wall decal as well as the frosted door decal we’ve done for them. We are so pleased to have worked with an organization that stands for true Hawaiian spirit – Mahalo to you all!

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