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Custom wall decals and wall murals

by Paula on Friday 12 January, 2018

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Gradient custom wall mural in SF Bay Area

Happy New Year from your favorite sign shop in San Francisco! As we look back at 2017 we are nothing but grateful. During this past year we worked on so many wonderful projects all over the country. We designed, fabricated and installed custom wall decals, personalized window decals and films, 3D logo signs, wall murals, car wraps and more!

One of those projects was a collaboration with the amazing interior designer Nina Punzi for Konica Minolta in the SF Bay Area.  For this project we’ve done a combination of custom wall murals and personalized wall decals.

Each item was designed, fabricated and installed by our team at their beautiful brand new showroom space. Little by little everything came together once furniture and other accent pieces were added. One of the main pieces was a gradient custom wall mural in 4 different shades of blue that was placed behind their main seating area.

Word cloud wall decal in San Francisco Bay Area

Another piece we did was a motivational wall mural or some may call it a word cloud wall mural featuring a variety of different words in a range of font sizes. The grey text on a white background makes the piece easy to read while remaining discrete. Since that area is occupied by a demo piece of equipment we didn’t want to draw any attention from it.

As the project wrapped up, the designer and our team were very happy with the end results! The room looks clean and professional and each custom wall decal or personalize wall mural adds a touch of creativity to their space!

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