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Custom window decals in San Francisco

by Paula on Monday 19 February, 2018

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Custom window decal for office in San Francisco

As an experienced sign shop in San Francisco, we feel our duty is to recommend practical solutions for our client’s spaces. For instance, we often recommend custom window decals as a clever way to display a client’s logo or any other branding / marketing material.

Retail stores, corporate offices, start-ups and other businesses can benefit from custom window decals. Since so many newer buildings have a lot of glass walls and windows, those surfaces can and should be utilized!

On exterior glass panels, a custom window decal can serve as advertising displaying a logo, store hours or any other promotions to attract the attention of people or cars passing by. On interior windows, a custom window decal can work as a privacy film as well as displaying logos or corporate values to the staff and visiting clients or suppliers.

Custom window decals can also give a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space! For My Gini Inc. here in San Francisco, one of the pieces we’ve done was a word cloud or rather a letter cloud using the letters of their company as a pattern for the print.

The letters were laid out in different sizes in a random layout where they overlap each other creating an interesting visual for this cool custom logo decal. We’ve covered each glass divider of their main conference room using a translucent window film that still allows people to see out and light to come in.

We loved working with their team and think the result looks simply phenomenal! If your office or store also needs a custom window decal or any other type of custom logo decals, why wait?!

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