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Deck up your Startup!

by Paula on Wednesday 11 February, 2015

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A Startup is a commercial venture being birthed. It is a business being established to solve a problem in a new way. But it’s also a culture, where innovating is essential and no is not an answer.

For us, working with startups is exciting! We love the challenge of helping them add the proper branding to their spaces. We love being pushed to think outside the box, it’s much more than simple wall decals. We also love that the majority of startups don’t have a branding guide yet, so we are able to enjoy some freedom when playing with different colors and different materials.

shift happens wall decal

But don’t get us wrong! Not having a branding guide, does not mean that there isn’t a strong message or visual aesthetics that are being aimed. Startup people tend to be quite smart and know exactly what they want, being that a wall mural, metal letters, door stickers or conference room names.

Being located in San Francisco, we have had the privilege of working with several of this up and coming organizations. One of our latest works was done at Tradeshift, with their main office located in the Financial District.

At their facility, we’ve done a large black wall decal with their motto: Shift Happens, a clever word play that makes employees and clients giggle. 

black window name sticker

We have also done lettering black decals with small graphics for each one of their meeting rooms. These were installed directly on their glass windows, so it’s easy to read and identify the room in question.  

In corporate offices, giving meeting and conference rooms actual names has been a growing practice. It is definitely more interesting to meet in the KIDD room than in the conference room #3.

rules wall decal

Our favorite piece was the House Rules. A black vinyl wall decal that mixed graphics and letters stating the rules every Tradeshift team member should abide by. We love the crazy ones such as be a pirate or clean it up it won’t kill you.  But we got particularly inspired by the Dream big and don’t stop believin’.

After the project was completed, we have received extremely positive feedback. The team is enjoying their facility and clients find it amusing to have signs that refer to the company’s culture spread throughout the space.

Visit our new Deck up your Start-Up section!

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