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Decorating - get your kids involved!

by Paula on Thursday 01 August, 2013

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Kids get older and their tastes and demands change. First, parents spend a huge amount of time planning and decorating a nursery at their taste, but then time goes by and your lovely baby grows (a lot faster than you thought!!) and starts saying that they are “too old” for the baby decoration and demands something completely different, something “cool”. So the lovely decoration you spend so much time planning when they were still on your belly has to go and fast! The lovely train set, the sheep, the barn or whatever you got trying to imagine what they would like before they were even a person is not good enough. But, who has time and that kind of money to change the decoration of their kid’s room while they grow up.


Barn Friends custom pack decals

Custom barn wall decal


Thinking about this, we have developed an entire line of 100% removable products including wall decals and wall murals which can be installed and removed with minutes of work. We have many designs that will please your kids undependably of their age and taste. We have ballerina wall decals for the dancers, baseball decals for the baseball players and guitar decal for the music lovers, horses wall paper for the horse riders and so much more. 

Custom My Baseball Lettering decals

Custom baseball and lettering wall sticker 

Our product is so easy to install that the kids can be fully involved with the project, maybe even with payment. Our products are affordable so they can save a few months of allowance and help out. That will make them love the final project even more, since they were responsible for the stages. 


Horses wall papers

Horses running adhesive wall mural

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