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Dezign for DOMO

by Paula on Monday 21 September, 2015

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Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual convention turns San Francisco into pure chaos year after year. With companies bringing their very best from all over the world, the city’s downtown becomes a mad land – and we love it!
At Dezign With a Z, we are always up for a good challenge. So when we got approached by DOMO with a project to wrap a whole building with custom decals and graphics, we didn’t even blink: Sure, why not?! What are your company colors again? 

Dezign with a Z vinyl instalers

We crunched in the design, prepped all the graphics and on September 14th, our installers were bright and early, ready to roll. They even had a smile on, obviously after a high dose of caffeine, like most of us...

Corporate outdoors graphic for DOMO

The location was the Elan building, right across from the Moscone Convention Center, the main venue for the event. With such a prestigious location, we knew that if the project was executed right, it would attract a lot of foot traffic. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Vinyl outdoors custom graphics

With the help of a boom truck, we could reach the second and third floors of the building. Our brave installers were quick and precise, covering the majority of windows and even concrete surfaces of the building with the vinyl branding personalized for the client.

Corporate vinyl installers

The inside of the building was not forgotten and also received removable custom wall decals that were carefully applied with the help of a scissor lift.  Slowly the bare building became a great piece of advertising for DOMO, full of corporate graphics, handouts, demos and free gourmet coffee!

The event portion of this venture was organized by Ideas, the top even styling company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Riccardo Benavides and his amazing team coordinated the activities, schedule and all details of what turned out to be a big hit!

logo vinyl wall decals

We are so proud of how the entire project was done, quickly but accurate. And we are even happier to find out that the client got nothing but positive feedback from the staff, clients and visitors.  Another great project we were blessed to be a part of, now onto the next challenge!

Tags: custom wall decals, branding, graphics, vinyl, installation, outdoors, Dreamforce, Salesforce, DOMO

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