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Fantastic Floral Acrylic Custom Mirror

by Paula on Wednesday 24 July, 2013

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Floral acrylic mirror

Custom projects are one of our favorite things at Dezign With a Z. We love working hand in hand with our customers and getting ideas turned into tangible products. We are also often blown away by our customers' creativity and sense of aesthetics.

So when Milla K. reached out to us with a large custom acrylic mirror project we were delighted to help. Initially, she was looking for a bamboo pattern but little by little it evolved into a mix of the most famous floral designs we carry in our collection. Upon approval by Milla, the mirrors were manufactured and got an array of wows everywhere they passed by - from manufacturing, to packaging, to shipping - Iphones were taken out and no one could resist taking pictures.

But the reality is, our products look so much better installed then sitting on a table ready to be package. To see all the elements coming together truly does make a difference - the wall color, the light, the additional furniture and accent pieces are an important part of the puzzle that is decorating in which our wall decor is just a piece.

When Milla finally sent us a picture of the completed room (trust me, we were waiting!) - We were so excited to see how the project turned out. More so, that it trully looks gorgeous against her lavender wall. We have shared the photo on our social media and the likes and shares show that our other clients agree with us that this is a beautiful resin mirror.

Milla was so happy with the results she already has a new project to tackle - also acrylic mirrors which according to her are very light and easy to install. These are her exact words:

"Thank you guys for helping me with this project!!! And thank you for being able turning my idea into reality!!! 
I have kids so acrylic mirror was my goal. It's light, easy to install and not breakable. It is absolutely amazing and my bedroom looks 5 stars. All my friends amazed by my room, they want the same thing.  So if you could give me a good estimate for my next project would be great :) - I think it will be different but not less impressive then this! Thanks again for helping people turn their dreams in to a reality!!!!"

We can't wait to work on Milla's new project and we'll share it with you once it's completed!

Tags: wall resin acrylic laser cut mirror

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