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Fifty Million Shades of Color

by Paula on Friday 31 May, 2013

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According to the dictionary color is the property to produce different sensations on the eyes as a result of the way it reflects or emits light. In known English, color can also be expressed through many words such as hue, dye, tint and shade.

Color is a fascinating subject to many .There is a whole spectrum of variations of a single hue, some that can’t even be seen by the human eye. Color is also stimulating, have you ever watched a child go into a colored room or art store for the very first time? It is a moment of pure bliss and excitement.


 safari stickers

The multi-colored safari farm wall decals

Color also means precision, matching a specific shade is requested by many corporations on their marketing guidelines. There are entire coloring systems and charts, some specific and some universal such as Pantone, CMYK and RGB.

It can lead to arguments, some between co-workers and sometimes even husband and wife. “I thought peach was a fruit, honey”, while the wife looks desperately at the wrong color used to purchase several gallons of paint.

For those who work with design, color is a key-element. It is the foundation of many projects and the starting point of many puzzling brainstorming sessions. For a printing/ interior design company such as Dezign With a Z, color is taken very seriously.

The color palette available for our wall decals was carefully selected to display 24 beautiful hues that compliment a wide majority of paints in the market. Every product we carry can come in any of them, the customer is free to choose and use the Preview it on your wall feature to envision the results once installed in the room.

colors selector decals 

Our color selector that can be found throughout Dezign With a Z’s wall decal collection

However, we do understand that some are very particular about their color, and perhaps none of the 24 standard hues are ideal for some projects. For that reason, we offer a color matching service, where we can match a corporate, Pantone, CMYK, RGB or even a paint swatch dye.

 winter tree decal

The gorgeous bi-color winter tree wall sticker: changing the look of what would be a dull beige wall

Let our colorful wall décor products bring life to your walls, add a touch of bliss and cheerfulness to your children’s playroom, or even compliment your accent furniture in an amazing way. Fill your home or office with the shades you love, a pop of color goes a long way when it comes to changing your space. It can be one, or it can be fifty million different shades, the choice is completely up to you.

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