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Halloween: spine-chilling decals for the season!!

by Karla
 on Thursday 26 September, 2013

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Halloween is one of the most expected holidays of the year for people of all ages. People all over the country can’t wait to celebrate this spooky season. Finally, this hair-raising time is just a few weeks away and it is time to start planning. Lots of people take Halloween very seriously; they start preparing for the date days, even weeks in advance and spend loads of money with costumes and decorations. Dezign with a Z also takes Halloween very seriously, we have been preparing for this holiday for months!! We created an affordable line of spine-chilling self- adhesive decals for the season. Whether you just want to prepare your house or office for the trick or treaters or if you have in mind a wicked Halloween party we will have something for you that will fit your budget. 

Halloween decals displaying bats, witch hats, cat, spiderweb, pumpkin, etc.

Our Halloween decorative vinyl wall decal selection is so much fun; you will find bat stickers, vampire lips wall decals, monsters in the dark with glowing eyes, Halloween skulls, spider webs vinyl wall decals, graveyard wall boarder, scary zombies, witchy witch wall stickers and so much more!! As you can see we spend a great deal of time creating this line of wall decals. After all; we know that the decoration can really make or break a Halloween celebration.  

Monsters in the dark with glowing eyes decal

Dezign with a Z vinyl wall stickers are an excellent option for the Halloween ornamentation. Our high quality self-adhesive decals will charm your guests, clients and co-workers to get them all in a spooky state of mind. They will be impressed with how real the decals look. Your party will be a huge hit and the clean up so much easier than the traditional Halloween decorations. You will only need a few minutes to remove the stickers and your wall will be intact since all of our decals are 100% removable. 

Friday the 13th wall decal

Choose Dezign with Z wall stickers to celebrate this spooky season in style! 

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