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Intel + Vice project at Levi's Stadium

by Flo on Wednesday 26 November, 2014

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Recently we had the privilege to partner with Vice and Intel on an amazing project at the Levi’s Stadium – home of the San Francisco 49ers. With a game approaching, the space needed to look perfect for all the football fans flocking in.


49ers wall mural

The creative team at Vice came up with the concept of giving a sneak peak of the stadium just before entering it through gate A. Intel’s tagline: Powered by what’s inside can be translated into so many different ways that it could not have been left out from the artwork. A gorgeous high resolution photo was then turned into a wall mural to be installed to a metal surface.

So on a rainy Saturday morning; our installer team drove to the brand new state of the art Levi’s Stadium to install the piece. Like most of us living in San Francisco, we are huge fans of the San Francisco 49ers and were beyond excited to be working on a project in their home stadium.

The Stadium itself is beautiful, with the capacity to fit up to 75 000 people, massive would be the appropriate word to define it. Needless to say that this piece has been seen by thousands of people so far and we have been receiving compliments from the time we started installing it. Three cheers to all involved in this project – amazing job!


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