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I-Skin for all!!

by Karla
 on Thursday 19 September, 2013

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Do you feel naked without your smartphone? You are not the only one!! We from Dezign with a Z understand that you need your device with you ALL the time! And just like your clothes have to show your own personality and style, your I-phone has to match your character as well. And when you are not plugged on your I-phone, you have your I-pad or your laptop on, right? Those important devices also have to agree with your personality, correct? YES, we agree with you! 

cassette tape ipad skin

We love our devices as well, and we love to embellish everything. But what we love even more is to empower our clients to decorate their homes, offices and of course their precious electronic devices. So we worked hard to create a considerable selection of decorative I-skins for your I-phones, I-pads and laptops to please all tastes. Flag designs, animal prints, skulls, boom box, chocolate bars, cassette tapes and polka dots are some of the designs available. 

Chocolate bar i-skin for I-phone

Even though, we have a huge selection of self-adhesive I-skins we understand that you may want something different, something unique. You also have the option of customizing your I-phones, I-pads and laptops with your own artwork or picture. Fill the form on our website, attach your file and we’ll do all the work.

Create your custom skin for laptop ipad or iphone

Dezign with Z I-skins are easy to install, in a few minutes your device will look totally different. They are 100% removable; you can peel them off and replace them for something new.  Our I-skins are not for decoration only; they are made of a high quality material that will protect your investment. Just like all of our products, the I-skins are produced in our factory in San Francisco, California. 

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