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Lego Logo L Atelier BNP PARIBAS

by Paula on Friday 15 January, 2016

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One of the main challenges when making signs for businesses is to remain professional and polished while trying to innovate. Don’t get us wrong, we love the thrill of trying something completely new! But at the same time we would hate for our client’s spaces to look anything less than perfect.

Logo made with Lego pieces

For this project to revamp L’Atelier BNB Paribas’ offices here in San Francisco we were asked to make their logo not with removable vinyl, acrylic, metal or wood – but with Lego pieces. What?! They are paying us to play with Legos?!  And off we went, as excited as little kids in a park!

Lego Logo Sign

The first step was to draw a template. Using a vector file of their logo, we were able to figure out how many pieces of each color we needed in order to build out the layout in the size requested. Once we received the shipment, we realized that the pieces are not separated by color- thanks, Lego Group!

After separating the pieces by color, we distributed them by groups of hundreds. All bases were assembled together on a piece of acrylic – light and easy to transport. And then the real fun started: piece by piece we started to see the elements of their logo come together. Each letter was formed and just like a puzzle, after hours and hours of meticulous work, there it was!

L’Atelier is the startup incubator of major group BNP Paribas, also known in the United States by their American bank – Bank of the West.  We were truly delighted to work with their wonderful staff and so glad to be able to provide them with cool sign that is a conversation piece for years to come.

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