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Maps wall decals, murals and mirrors a clever way to decorate

by Paula on Tuesday 30 June, 2015

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Maps are a great way to decorate both commercial and residential spaces. They are functional and make up for a great conversation piece – you can use them to remember the places you’ve been to or mark your next destination. For companies, they are great tool to set goals by territory.

At Dezign With a Z, we love maps so much we have them in all kinds of shape and form: from world maps to specific countries or states. We have them as wall decals, wall murals, dry erase prints and even acrylic mirrors!

world map wall mural

Maps are neutral enough that they can be used to jazz up children’s spaces or decorate a conference room tastefully. Primary colors, like the ones on our World Country Names Map Wall Decal will brighten up any room. The dry erase version allows you to write and erase with standard dry erase markers just like on a regular whiteboard. 

world map acrylic resin wall mirror

For an elegant look, consider our World Map Wall Mirror. Made of premium resin acrylic, it delivers a clear reflection comparable to a glass mirror. Your place will look polished with a hint of creativity. Another advantage is that it doesn’t shatter, making it safe for kid’s rooms.

Dry erase USA map wall decal

Learning geography is a challenge? Our Colored USA dry erase decal can help. It shows all 51 states and lists all the capital names for each state: from Maine to Hawaii. For corporations, this item also works as a whiteboard, so you are able to write down the name of smaller cities or list strategies per region using a dry erase marker.

World word art bi-color wall decal

For those seeking creative map wall decals and wall murals, we have plenty! Our antique world map furniture skin has a vintage look to it, you can use it to revive an old piece of furniture or turn your plain table or dresser into a designer looking piece in no-time!

Vintage world map furniture skin decal

Another favorite is our ancient world map wall mural. This removable and reusable vinyl wall mural will take you to a back in time. The exquisite intricate design will make your space look unique and upscale.

Sepia old map wall mural The installation of each of our items is as easy as 1-2-3 since all of them are DIY. We are constantly developing new products for those leasing their homes and offices, as well as for home owners who are looking for the flexibility of changing their décor whenever they wish without having to repaint the walls.

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