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More than your average bank - San Francisco Federal Credit Union

by Paula on Monday 02 February, 2015

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Imprinting a corporation’s brand identity on a space can be a challenge. Logos, corporate colors, dimensions and city codes can be overwhelming. Keeping the space professional while staying away from boring, can be another trial.

SF Credit Union timeline wall mural

When working with the San Francisco Federal Credit Union, we had the pleasure of partnering on a few custom wall decals that celebrated their 60 year-anniversary.  One of them contained a timeline displaying their milestones by the decade from the 1950’s to today. The message was “Honoring our legacy” and the decal was installed in their main branch in San Francisco.

SF Federal Credit Union community wall mural

Another piece that we loved was their community share wall decal. A large size full color print that listed the organizations they have partnered with in the past 60 years – a great reminder of how important giving back to the local community is to them.

The main reason why we, at Dezign With a Z, enjoy working with corporate projects so much is the overwhelming positive feedback we receive. Knowing that our wall decals, wall murals or letterings are being noticed and enjoyed by employees as well as customers is amazing. We continue to be impressed with the effect a comfortable and welcoming space has on people!


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