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My Cuty Farm Cut Outs Decals

by Justin
 on Thursday 05 August, 2010

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farm cut outs

New wall decal pack just arrived at Dezign With a Z : My Cuty Farm wall cut outs.

A cute set of 9 farm animal cut outs you can install the way you like on the walls of your nursery!
These are really easy to install and so cute!!!


Tags: Animal farm wall cut outs for nursery and babies rooms

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by Becca
Are you able to some how color the inside of these charachters! I absolutely love the outlines on them, and am looking to use them in a nursery...but I want them to have their own a pink pig, brown horse, etc...I think they would be sold if there is a way to do that! Thanks!
by Louise

Hi Becca,
Yes we can create a custom decal for you. You can send an email at with the color you want and they will be able to assist you.
Have a great day!
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