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Spruce your space in minutes with wall decals

by Paula on Friday 26 April, 2013

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Spring tree decal for wall

Living in a rental property can be challenging at times. Often there are neighbors to deal with, sometimes neighbor's pets, but always there is a landlord and with him - a set of rules and regulations on what is expected of the tenant.
If turning a house into a home is challenging, even when dealing with a property that is yours, turning a leased real estate into a home is some people's worst nightmare. For instance, you wish to make your space more welcoming, but hanging paintings is not an option since drilling holes on the wall is prohibited by the lease. Or you wish to reflect your bold personality by changing the wall colors, but painting is also not allowed by the landlord or management company.
It can even get to the point where you feel like you are crashing someonelse's couch, although you are paying rent and your furniture is spread everywhere. Thinking about this, we have developped an entire line of 100% removable products including wall decals and wall murals which are a great option for those who live in rented houses and apartments. 
Now you can spruce your space using decorative wall stickers and even removable wall mirrors. The installation process is easy and the removing process as well. You can enjoy the freedom of decorating your own space without worrying about what will happen with your deposit once you decide to move.
Our line of product has become so popular that we have even had an article published this week on the largest renters platform in the US: (here is the full article on our wall decals). We feel very honored and blessed to be able to design and manufacture wall decor products that are used to turn our customer's houses into homes. 
We'd like to thank everybody at, especially Jason Potts who wrote about us. Also a big thank you to all of our customers for letting us in into your homes and be a part of your daily lives through our line of products. We love the fact that no one, owning a home or renting it, has to live with a boring blank wall anymore - you can spruce your space with Dezign With a Z and that will take you minutes!

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