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Upping the space at UPWORK

by Paula on Friday 16 October, 2015

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Upwork has been a client of ours for many years.  We did graphics for their offices, while they were still called Elance-O’desk, for both San Francisco and Palo Alto locations. With the name change and re-branding we got the opportunity to work with their team in designing their new and improved space.

3D Channel letters with LED lights

Their new suite is a lot bigger than the previous one, so new pieces of furniture were ordered to fill each rooms. Their entrance boasts a gorgeous modern look with simple lines, neutral colors and a top technology beam pro device that is used to check-in people upon their arrival.
The 3D channel letters with LED backlight are the focus point, adding color to the main wall as well as serving as a central branding piece.

logo wall decal

Their phone rooms are small in size but big in style. The fun light wood table and chairs along with the adjustable lamp create a much needed cozy ambiance for long conference calls. Each room has a unique custom wall decal displaying a city name and a corresponding cityscape / landscape sketch.

custom wall decals

The white decal contrasts with the light blue wall without looking too harsh. The creative design makes each room feel one of a kind and easy to identify. The intimate setting is completed by a plush Kelly green carpet.

Custom wall mural

For the larger conference rooms black and white murals were installed. The theme of Major cities was used on these spaces as well: Khulna and Oslo landscape photos were selected by Upwork’s designers and then turned into custom large format prints.

Wall mural installation detail

Attention to detail is really important to us. On every project we execute our skilled vinyl installers carefully remove every single plug cap making sure there are no hard cuts and that the graphic installed looks flawless.

Upwork San Francisco

The common areas of the office were not forgotten. A picnic table, hammock, lots of plants are available during break hours. There is nothing like seating back and enjoying a latte while gazing at the luminous large windows of the suite.

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