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Use wall quotes to decorate your space

by Paula on Friday 23 August, 2013

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Dezign with a Z is proud to introduce our newest section: wall quotes. With our Wall quotes you can decorate any ambiance and motivate your employees, kids or even yourself with your favorite sentence on your wall anywhere you like; bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen or office. It is a simple and easy way to make your space more welcoming. We have a wide selection of famous phrases like “Every little thing is gonna be alright” by Bob Marley and “If you can dream it, you can do it” by Walt Disney that will inspire you to improve yourself and be hopeful that something good is always on the way. 

Walt Disney wall quote

We also have a few humorous sentences that will delight your guests or clients and create a special mood or vibe. If none of our lettering designs are for you, you can be the author of your own; we give you the option of customizing your own writing or monograms. You can pick your text, color, style, size, font and even direction - maybe you can create your own version of the famous quotations.  “If life gives you lemons, get some rum and make a caipirinha”. Or create a special environment by adding one of your grandmas’ wisdom phrases on your wall; that will warm your family’s heart. Whatever mood you want to create in your space with sentences, Dezign with a Z will be able to make your wish come true. 

Lemonade quote wall decal

Our Quotes are great for especial events and can be applied to walls, windows, mirrors and titles. You can decorate your wall for an event in minutes and it will look like you painted the wall. The cleanup is even faster and the prices are really affordable.  Decorate your house for the holidays or a birthday party with our quote wall decals and wall stickers. “Just married”, “Happy Hour” and “Taco Tuesday” are some of the lettering available for parties.  You can also take advantage of our Custom made lettering and let your imagination fly.

Just married quote wall decal

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