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Walkme new offices

by Paula on Tuesday 18 August, 2015

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 Rewarding. That is the best word we can use to describe the project we’ve done for the San Francisco tech start-up Walkme.

When we walked into their brand new offices in the heart of the city, the space was gorgeous and bright, but a little too bare. With the majority of the walls and furniture being white, we knew that a little color would make a huge difference.

custom logo wall decal

A strategic logo wall decal was placed on their main space. It served as decorative piece but also as corporate branding, since it identified whose office it was to anyone visiting. With one of their colors being blue, the pillar directly across from the wall with the vinyl graphic was painted to match it.

conference room graphics

Also, a speech bubble was used to identify each of the offices and conference rooms – a great alternative to those boring standard metal plates. These door decals were done in a variety of bright colors such as Kelly green and red.

office branding

Typically on commercial projects like this one, our installers will come in right after the walls have been finished. The wall graphics are finalized prior to any of the other furnishings, so we rarely get to see the complete space with furniture and people. Not this time! We’ve absolutely loved to interact with the team at Walkme and we are grateful for all the positive feedback we were showered with.

logo decal for game room

The space turned out colorful and lively. Our favorite part was the room with the cornhole board, we are amused by the thought of our custom wall decal living in such a fun room.

A big thanks to the entire Walkme staff for entrusting us with your office signage and branding!

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