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Wall graphics project for SOL Republic

by Paula on Tuesday 20 January, 2015

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We have been fans of SOL Republic for a while, their headphones and Bluetooth speakers are innovative and functional.  So when we heard the word they were opening their headquarters a couple blocks up the street we were filled with excitement and anticipation. Will they have discount for neighbors? - We immediately started asking ourselves.

philosophy wall decal

Imagine our joy when we were approached by SOL’s design team to do the graphics for their brand new space.  With elements like vintage speakers, cool furniture, bean bags, and plant walls we knew this would be a gorgeous project.

Even so, we are impressed with the results. The space is modern, urban while polished and well put together. Little details like using the name of concert venues in the Bay area to name their meeting rooms is both tasteful and impressive.

room name wall decals

There are so many details we love about this project that we could go on for hours. But our favorite piece is definitely the massive back wall mural that looks tridimensional. The design displayed gets enhanced by light coming through the side windows throughout the day. The floating plants over it are just the icing on the cake.

We are very proud to have our wall decals and wall murals at SOL Republic’s headquarter here in San Francisco. We are thankful to have been chosen to work on this project and cannot wait to partner again with SOL's design team.

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