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Wall Murals: More impact than any ornament or furniture!

by Paula on Monday 23 September, 2013

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Wall Murals are an easy way to dramatically change any room. You can dress an entire wall to make big statement or go for smaller low-key option. A decorative wall mural will make more effect than any ornament or furniture. The images and colors you choose to use in a room can impact the energy of people in it. You will be surprised to see how color and images can influence people. 


Japanese Garden wall mural

So take advantage of Dezign With a Z’s self-adhesive wall murals to create the ambiance that is beneficial to you in your work space or home. For instance, you can create your own relaxing beach on your office. Our stunning Azura wall paper will bring calmness to your workplace and make everyone feel comfortable. 

Wall mural displaying the ocean and a boatThe décor of your house should match your personality and taste. The pieces you bring in and the colors you use to decorate are going to affect your entire family’s mood and spirit. Dezign with a Z’s Savannah Wall mural will radiate warmth and the vibrancy of the sun to your space. The rich orange tones, gorgeous giraffe shades and typical African tree will create a more inviting and friendly environment.  

Wall Mural displaying a sunset at the Savannah

You also have the option to create your own unique wall mural.  Just send us a picture along with the dimensions of your surface and we will do all the work; whether you want an extra-large mural or a small one. Dezign with a Z’s wall murals are easy to install because they are self-adhesive. They are 100% removable and reusable so they won’t damage your walls, nor will they leave residues when they are removed. They are also very affordable and will fit all budgets.

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