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Zee Team Plays With the Google Glass

by Paula on Friday 16 August, 2013

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San Francisco, home of Dezign With a Z, is conveniently located a few dozens of miles away from the heart of the Silicon Valley. Whether you call it San Francisco, San Fran or simply SF (never Frisco!!!) - there is one thing we can all agree on, San Francisco is also the home of technology. 

Here you'll find it all: geeks, techies, overachievers, hipsters - but all in all, people that are passionate about technology. Getting their hands on the next ground breaking app or the talk of town gadget is definitely a San Francisco obsession, that along with Ethiopian restaurants, of course!

So when we received a special visit recently, we were beyond excited. We had heard so much about this brand new gadget, from elated compliments to "oh, it's so tacky!" criticism. Granted, there are prettier things out there and it does remind us of the bluetooth earpiece or the belt attached cellphone cases which once were frowned upon and the next minute were selling like hot cakes.

The gadget is ... the GOOGLE GLASS! Once we knew it was here at the office, we all flocked to see and try it on, immediately cellphone and cameras came out and we couldn't stop ourselves from taking pictures or videos. This is probably one of many prototypes out there being tested, but to us it felt special and unique. 

The actual Google glass
After the initial visit, we have seen the glass multiple times since we are working on a top secret project - can't wait to share it with you! We are kind of becoming tech snobs: the Google glass? Again? Just kidding!
What about you? Have you seen the Google glass? What did you think?

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