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Branches wall stickers

Branches wall stickers
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Branches wall stickersBranches wall stickersBranches wall stickers
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Details about Branches wall stickers

Add the beautiful branches wall stickers as great decor accent to your home or office space! Our colorful floral wall stickers are tri-color which means you can choose a color for the branch and two colors for the leaves. You can be creative by arranging the leaves of these floral wall stickers however you think suites best to your interior. Branches wall stickers come in 4 sizes, each one of them includes a set of 18 leaves:
  • 75"x87" has 18 leaves in about 18"x10" each and a 75"x47" branch
  • 47"x56" has 18 leaves in about 11"x6" each and a 47"x29" branch
  • 33"x39" has 18 leaves in about 8"x4" each and a 33"x20" branch
  • 22"x26" has 18 leaves in about 5"x3" each and a 22"x14" branch
If you have any questions during installation of these floral wall stickers, please contact us we will assist you. Extremely easy to install, this is a self-adhesive vinyl that doesn't require paste or glue for application. For more inspirations and ideas check our blog, facebook and instagram. Instructions will be included in your package and also available for download in our website. Branches wall stickers are made in the USA.

SKU#: Z-BIC049

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